Tuesday, October 25, 2011

City Council to Consider Prohibiting Weekend Parking on Several Streets Near Runyon Canyon Park [Updated]

Tomorrow, Wednesday, October 26th, the City Council's Transportation Committee is scheduled to consider a LADOT Report (.pdf) relative to the renewal and expansion of "Temporary" Preferential Parking District (PPD) No. 112, which is located just south and east of Runyon Canyon Park's Vista Street entrance (Council File 11-1339).

LADOT is recommending that "Temporary" PPD No. 112 be extended for another 12 months and that the list of authorized restrictions for this PPD be expanded to include No Parking Anytime Except; 2 Hour Parking 8AM-7PM Monday to Friday. The currently authorized restrictions in this PPD are No Parking 7PM-8AM and 2 Hour Parking 8AM-7PM.

Intersection of Gardner Street and Franklin Avenue

If approved, this action would allow the residents of these streets (the segments of Franklin, Sierra Bonita, and Gardner that are north of Hollywood Boulevard and west of Vista Street) to have the parking restrictions in their PPD changed to prohibit non-residents (e.g. visitors to Runyon Canyon Park) from parking there on the weekends. The residents of each block in the proposed expansion area will still need to petition LADOT before they could post the new preferential parking restrictions on their block(s) but its likely that the residents will quickly move to do so.

As I've said before: Adding weekend parking restrictions to PPD No. 112 would be great for the residents on Franklin, Sierra Bonita, and Gardner, but it would be bad for visitors of Runyon Canyon Park and bad for residents who live on nearby residential streets that lack permit parking (e.g. Curson or the street segments south of Hollywood). Adding new weekend parking restrictions will do nothing to reduce the number of people who visit Runyon Canyon Park and will do nothing to fix the problems being caused in these neighborhoods by visitors to Runyon Canyon Park. Worse still, this action will likely increase weekend traffic congestion in this area, as visitors to Runyon Canyon Park will spend more time circling nearby streets in search of parking.

What the City really needs to do is take its time and try and develop a comprehensive, holistic, solution to the problems being caused in these neighborhoods by visitors to Runyon Canyon Park. Implementing weekend parking restrictions in PPD No. 112 may help quiet some of the local residents who are clamoring for a little relief but, in the long run, doing so won't really address the root of the area's problem.

Update: Both the Transportation Council Committee and the full City Council approved this item.

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