Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Redistricting: Redistricting Commission to Discuss Potential Adjustments to the Draft City Council District Map

Tomorrow, Wednesday, February 15th, the Los Angeles City Council Redistricting Commission is scheduled to meet to vote on potential adjustments to the Commission’s Draft map of City Council Districts in order to provide direction and recommendations for the Commission’s Final Map.

The Commission’s draft map, which was released just over three weeks ago, was subject to a fair amount of criticism (and some praise) from residents across the City; including a number of City Councilmembers. Over the last two weeks the Commission held seven public hearings across the City to gather input and comments on the Draft Map. During those public hearings the Commission acknowledged the Draft Map’s “imperfections” and noted that “many inadvertent things” happened when the Draft Map was put together.

Draft Map CD 4

At tomorrow’s meeting the Commission will consider at least 75 proposed adjustments  to the Draft Map (see Item #3 on tomorrow’s Agenda). The Commission will vote on each of these proposed adjustments (and possibly others, as suggested by Commission members) in order to develop a consensus list of final adjustments to the Draft Map.

A number of these potential adjustments involve making changes to the Draft Map’s proposed City Council boundary lines in the Hollywood area. These potential adjustments include:

  • No. 10: Place the area of Los Feliz bounded by Western Avenue, Franklin Avenue, Normandie
    Avenue, and Los Feliz Boulevard (with the exception of the businesses on the north side of Hollywood Boulevard that are part of Thai Town) in Council District 4. This adjustment would mirror the current City Council District boundary line in this area.
  • No. 11: Place the Hollywood Business District, as identified by the CRA/LA Hollywood project area (.pdf) boundaries, completely within Council District 13.
  • No. 12: Move the Southeast portion of Silver Lake north of Sunset Boulevard back to Council District 13.
  • No. 27: Unite Hollywood in Council District 4. At a minimum, move the boundary between Council District 13 and Council District 4 (which the draft map proposes be at Hollywood Boulevard) north to Franklin Avenue.
  • No. 41: Unite the communities of Little Armenia and Los Feliz in one City Council District.
  • No. 60: Revisit the creation of a 6th majority population Council District in the San Fernando
    Valley as the current configuration of 2 overlapping Valley/LA Basin Council Districts better
    protects and maintains communities of interest on both sides of the Santa Monica mountains.
  • No. 75: Unite Hollywood in Council District 4.

Following tomorrow’s meeting, the Commission staff will use the list of final adjustments to develop the proposed Final Map. The Redistricting Commission will vote on the proposed Final Map on Wednesday, February 22nd, and submit that proposed Final Map to the City Council no later than March 1, 2012. Again, as I’ve noted before, the City Council is not required to adopt the plan developed by the Redistricting Commission and it has the authority to amend and modify the Redistricting Commission's plan as it seems fit.

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