Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Public Square: September 24–26, 2012

A brief look at items of interest to Hollywood residents that are on upcoming agendas at City Council, City Council Committees, Neighborhood Councils, various City Boards and Commissions, and County Board of Supervisors. LA City Agendas can be found here and LA County Board agendas can be found here.

As always, the meeting times, locations, and agendas are subject to change, so be sure to check and confirm.

Monday, September 24:

  • Budget and Finance Council Committee (2:00 PM)
    • Item 6 (Council File 12-1436)
      • Motion instructing the CLA to work with various Department to implement a searchable database of names of individuals owed a refund for parking violation citations refunds, but who have not collected it, so those individuals can collect the refund owed to them by the City.
      • Viewpoints: Good idea, but the thinking here is too small. Why not expand this idea to create a master database of all refunds owed to all individuals regardless of what type of fine they originally received. This is a good, smart move, and should just be limited it to refunds of parking citations.
  • Central Hollywood Neighborhood Council Board Meeting (6:15 PM)
    • Agenda
      • Meeting will be held at the Hollywood City Hall (6501 Fountain Avenue) in the Large Conference Room.
    • Item 7.B.V.A (Planning Committee Report/Presentation)
      • Motion from the Planning Committee recommending that the Board not support a request for a zone change for a proposed 76-unit residential development project at 1411 Highland Avenue (CPC-2012-2405-VZC-ZAA-SPR), “as this location on a major commercial corridor requires a commercial component in order to meet the findings for good planning practice”.
      • Backstory: In 2006 the City approved the development of a mixed-use residential commercial, with 56 residential units and approximately 6,800 sqft of commercial space, at this site (Council File 05-2628). The owner of the site is now proposing a change in those approved entitlements and a revision of the project in order to develop a 76-unit residential-only project.

Tuesday, September 25:

  • County Board of Supervisors (9:30 AM)
    • No items of note.
  • City Council (10:00 AM)
    • Item 6 (Council File 10-1942)
      • Public Hearing of Protests relative to the proposed vacation of a public alley located just west of Vine Street and between Santa Monica Boulevard and Eleanor Avenue.
      • Backstory: The City Council approved this alley vacation on August 15th. They did so even though The Bureau of Engineering recommended (.pdf) that the vacation be denied because the proposed vacation is not in conformance with elements of the City’s General Plan (i.e. the Hollywood Community Plan and the General Plan Transportation Element) and “the purpose of the vacation request is to provide a private gated driveway for the petitioner's property”.
    • Item 12 (Council File 11-0305).
      • Planning and Land Use Management Council Committee report relative to the reappointment of Mr. George Hovaguimian to the City Planning Commission for the term ending June 30, 2017.
    • Items 16 & 23 (Council File 12-1504)
      • Energy and Environment Council Committee report, and Ordinance, relative to the approval of the LADWP’s Incremental Electric Rate Ordinance, which would amend existing LADWP power rates and raise those rates for the next two fiscal years.
    • Item 17 (Council File 12-0967)
      • Planning and Land Use Management Council Committee report, Mitigated Negative Declaration, and related California Environmental Quality Act findings, relative to an appeal (.pdf) from a determination of the City Planning Commission to approve a Mitigated Negative Declaration in connection with a project proposing the construction of a 49-unit mixed-use residential/commercial project at 5241-5247 West Santa Monica Boulevard.
      • The Committee report recommends that the appeal be denied and the Mitigated Negative Declaration be adopted and approved.

Wednesday, September 26:

  • City Council (10:00 AM)
    • The City Council is on recess on Wednesday September 26th for the Yom Kippur Holiday.

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So CHNC voted not to support the ZC at 1411 Highland.

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